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This is my personal blog. I document observations on daily life events related to
folk, social injustice, feminism, art & music, supernatural phenomena, transnational Issues, spanish literature, culture, travel and whatever else I get my hands on.
I treat it as if I were the only one who read it, which is probably not too far from reality.

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Flying bee has stung again!!

Craving Italian ;)



I am selctive when it comes to reblogging but I couldn’t let this one go. <3

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Hibiscus (hot) Tea

—-my new favorite—

My First Time Canning (a dying art)

From left to right:

Homemade cherry and roma tomato, basil, oregano and garlic marinara sauce

Homemade reduced-sugar, strawberry-mint jam

Homemade roasted, pickled red peppers with bay leaf, onion and garlic

(hopefully I didn’t canned any botulism!)

Silence is a powerful weapon when the receiver understands the meaning of silence.  However, there are times when the untold is mistaken for apathy and ignorance thus silence must be broken. What makes me a LADY and not just a woman is my prudence, my silence.

With sadness in my eyes I see how negative situations unfold based on people’s personal insecurities—A competent and self-confident person is incapable of jealousy in ANYTHING. I deeply condole those women who long for what their neighbors have. Pity falls short to what I feel. 

Like good old Emerson once said, jealousy is ignorance; a mental cancer. Much like imitation is a form of suicide.

My condolences to all the fallen women.

My heart aches. Not for me. For you. For the insurmountable energy you spend lurking, gossiping, and forgetting to nourish your own life and soul.

Gossip is the opiate of our oppressed women. It glorifies them; it enhances their perceived sense of empowerment. 

It is destroying the legacy of S.B. Anthony, Inés de la Cruz, and Wollstonecraft. Years of fighting for women’s natural rights have condensed into a cycle of collective putdowns.

The sisterhood shrinks everyday.

The Hispano, Latino, Chicano sisterhood shrinks everyday.

Instead of feeling happiness for other women’s accomplishments we bicker, destroy, desire and hate. 

Forward. My conviction is to move forward as I have done for the last 23 years. That is the only way to go. Validation not needed. For if I wish to live the life that I desire, the only way to move is forward.

Don Quixote was right, Si los(a) perro(a)s ladran es señal de que vamos avanzando.

Anonymous Asked:
you do know that not all women get labiaplasty just to "live up to the expectations of society" or whatever, right? i'm considering getting labiaplasty because one of my labia minora is larger than the other and gets tugged, irritated, and just causes general discomfort. i'm doing it for me, not anybody else.

My answer:

I understand that labiaplasty is a surgical procedure that is not only performed for cosmetic purposes but also for health-related concerns (which is the one you are currently describing).

The video I posted specifically condones the media’s classification guidelines that prevent certain “unconventional” labias to be published and not the procedure itself. It condones the media’s influence on women’s decision to obtain this procedure for cosmetic purposes (AKA the media publishes images of irrationally perfect labias which women feel pressured to have). The video further questions the institutionalization of policies which govern what can be publish such as  how a woman’s body type ‘should’ and ‘should not look like’  without considering how such policies can affect the general public and their perception of beauty.

In no way is the video intended to dissuade anyone from having a for health-related purpose labiaplasty. I am glad that you will have this procedure done for your own comfort and not to ‘live up to expectations of society’. Brave woman! Thank you for watching the vid and good luck with your surgery! =)

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I remember receiving a muñeca similar to this one for Christmas when I was a child. My tios that cameto visit our family brought one for my sister and one for myself. Apparently they had bought them in one of their trips to Oaxaca. Last time I was at home I was not able to find my muñeca. Makes me want to go to Oaxaca to get a new one..(as a keepsake of course).

Curent mindset: Travel ideas for summer 2013!! 

Anonymous Asked:
so, what is your new year resolution? :)

My answer:

I have plans, not resolutions ;). A new beginning starts when you decide it does not when a new year starts.

My plans? travel (possibly a cruise), new job (closer to my current location/less demanding), be with family more (the niece/nephew grow up fast!), be as happy as I have been in the last few years…and KEEP SMILING!  ^.^

Growing up in a Mexican familia I was surrounded by superstition and mild white magic. Pasar el huevo, hacer una limpia, el mal de ojo  (literaly to ‘pass the egg’ and ‘make a cleaning’ and ‘the evil eye’) were terms commonly used around the house.    

I recall my mother cussing at the spirits for haunting her young daughter. The endless nights of buzzing and humming from the Tio who tried to communicate from beyond; the shadows lingering behind my dresser; and the muerto who didn’t hesitate to crush my sternum.

And I recall my madrina talking to a friend of a friend of a cousin about my condition and being pseudo-diagnosed with the initial stages of what my imminent fate would be: a witch.   

Curanderas, priests and healers could not decipher what evil had possesed me. Mal de ojo? Sera Bruja? Necesitara rezar? Eventually the symptoms of my rite of passage towards becoming a witch subsided-as it is common with the ailments of the heart and the mind.

But last night my friends, the spirits, came to visit me. The buzzing, the paralysis, the cold, the shadows…

Although now I know that these are medical conditions— tinnitus, sleep paralysis and their various side effects— I cannot help but to feel nostalgic for the traditions, rituals, values, and superstitions that I was raised with and that continue to take a significant position in the Mexican culture. 

Tinnitus, sleep paralysis, spirits or lost souls whatever it is. Cheers to you!  

(sipping some Tequila)

Anonymous Asked:
that video just made me love my labia a little bit more

My answer:


Me too. Little by little I’ve learned to love every inch of my body (with flaws and all) in great part due to videos like this. 

What a shame. I love my vagina however its appearance may be. I hope girls do not fall for this new trend of labiaplasty. 

Love this show!

The Plastic Revolution- Invasión

This is the first music video to be made entirely by using pictures. Every frame of the video is an actual picture (1,905 pictures to be exact).

Now THAT is cool.

(plus the song is pretty good too)